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Crack that Interview!

Professional Consultants

We help freshers, job seekers & working professionals prepare for interviews for Business consulting, Client management, Account managers, Business analyst, Program manager, Growth and other business roles.                                                                                                  We specialise in helping seekers crack interview for Product/Software companies in non-coding roles. We assist in resume review and editing, assessing resume with the job description, mock interview and recommendations.

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About Us

Career Consultants

We are engineering graduates and have over 50 years of cumulative work experience working in corporates and startups. We are working in different industries and geographies and bring in expertise and business acumen to help you get through and elevate your careers.

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We match your mock interview/resume editing requirement with the panel member experienced in that profile

Resume review & editing

We help in optimizing your resume to the job profile requirement.

Mock Interview

We conduct mock interview and rectify your mistakes. Interview questions designed to prepare you for that specific role. Exceptional candidates are given recommendation which they can share with recruiters.


All sessions are conducted one on one through google meet call. Session length would be from 45 mins - 75 mins. Customized and personalised feedback is provided.

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Why are we doing it?

Days of “Only from Tier-1 institutes” are numbered.
We have experienced that business roles are still stuck in institution tags, whereas software roles are more skills based today & are more accommodative and not institution tag based. Software Candidates can showcase their portfolios on websites and share their coding work in hackathons, bug bounty’s etc. but the same is still far for business roles today.
With seekerhelp we are trying to fill this gap, we will prepare candidates for business interviews. We are trying